Body Beautiful

Body Beautiful

With a global reputation for excellence, as one of the most comprehensive and ecologically sound ranges, DECLÉOR SKINCARE harnesses the potent benefits of natural ingredients such as essential oils to give beautiful, glowing skin everyday. DECLÉOR Pampering Body Care Range leaves skin feeling silky smooth. Tailored to suit every skin concern, from toning and lifting to intense hydration, revealing skin that is revitalised from Top to Toe


Decleor Body Treatments

Aromatherapy Body Massage

Heavenly full body Aromatherapy treatments.

Everyday stresses and strains simply disappear with our heavenly Aromatherapy Massage to either relax, detoxify, tone or stimulate. The incredibly soothing sensation of the Warm Aromatherapy Balms, expertly blended from an exquisite elixir of natural Essential Oils, melt away tension and ease stress for renewed energy and velvety skin.

Price: € 70.00

Red Island Exfoliating Ritual

Massage and exfoliation combined in an exotic body treatment. Inspired by the magical island of Madagascar, powdered Fruit Seeds of Orange and Apricot plus Essential Oils and Spices are used to polish and perfect skin, leaving it in supreme condition. A delightfully relaxing massage with warm aromatherapy oils then allows your therapist to focus on any areas of tension and stress, re-energising and restoring vitality for skin that’s beautifully nourished and exceptionally soft all over.

Price: € 65.00

Aroma Detox

Pepper and Grapefruit Slim Effect (Detoxifies and firms) Naturally invigorating and detoxifying Essential Oils are used to ultimate effect in this fat-fighting and firming body envelopment. Combined with highly effective draining massage techniques, the potent wrap drains toxins and cleanses away impurities to smooth the appearance of cellulite and refine overall shape. Fabulous for anyone wanting to lose weight and improve lumpy skin texture making it brilliant pre-holiday… or post-over indulgence!

Price: € 85.00

Aroma Sculpt

Lemon and Mango, Firm and Tone (Tightening, sculpting and smoothing) This collagen-boosting body wrap tones slackened skin, repairs sun damage and helps improve the look of stretch marks. Potent radiance enhancers Immortelle, Lemon and Frankincense Essential Oils work to erase imperfections and strengthen skin whilst also combatting wrinkles. Deliciously nourishing, this sculpting envelopment hydrates and moisturises too, improving hydration levels for radiant, firm and soft skin all over.

Price: € 85.00

Aroma Flow

Anti-Fatigue Citrus Energy Boost (Energising and revitalising to improve circulation) Aches, pains and tiredness melt away with this super-stimulating treatment. The antidote to poor circulation, the refreshing full body wrap eases aching muscles and fights fatigue. Ideally suited to those who enjoy sport and or an active lifestyle, this warming zesty treatment also ensures cold hands and feet become a thing of the past. Revitalising Essential Oils of Lemon, Pepper and Cypress even target varicose veins for total comfort all over. Vanilla and Ylang Ylang Relaxing Hydration (Intensely calming and nourishing for super soft skin.)

Price: € 85.00

Aroma Relax

Banish stress with this cocooning and warming relaxation wrap. Developed to improve wellbeing by relieving stress and unloading busy minds, indulgent self-heating ingredients actively help reduce tension and stress. The perfect treatment for anyone with a hectic, demanding lifestyle who finds it hard to switch off, this sublimely relaxing envelopment includes deliciously soothing Vanilla as well as brightening Papaya Extract to leave skin satin smooth.

Price: € 85.00

Aroma Slim Effect

Combat problem areas like hips, thighs and buttocks with this dramatically re-sculpting treatment. After a rejuvenating head-to-toe skin polish, your therapist uses bespoke intensive massage techniques to either eliminate toxins or help tone and firm. Use of Decléor’s Slim Effect products, which utilise state-of-the art contouring technology, means your body will look and feel smoother, firmer and tighter.

Price: €110.00

Aroma Perfect Legs

Rejuvenates and invigorates for gorgeous feet and legs. For a spring in your step, this foot and leg treatment drains, stimulates and revitalises. An energising mask immediately kick-starts sluggish circulation; Circularome Balm, a warming and relaxing Essential Oil blend, then eases heavy, aching muscles. Ideal pre and post-holiday travel, plus in the latter stages of pregnancy when puffy ankles and fluid retention can be problematic. Leaves tired legs and feet feeling like they’re walking on air.

Price: € 50.00

Aroma Back

Cleansing and Purifying Back Treatment Decongests and brightens for a beautiful back. A facial for your back! Following our unique back diagnostic massage to relax and release blocked energy, a skin-brightening exfoliation re-oxygenates skin while targeting spots, blackheads and general congestion. Essential Oils and Plant Extracts help rebalance and control oil and moisture levels .Essential pre-wedding and holidays, it transforms skin to super-smooth and velvety to touch.

Price: € 60.00


Contour Bodywrap at Glam Beauty Salon

Contour Bodywrap at Glam Beauty Salon

Universal Contour Wrap – €85

Course of 3 – €240


A quick and easy way to lose inches, sculpt curves, detoxify, boost circulation and smooth the skin. Need we say more? This treatment is a must have for parties, weddings, holidays and any other time when you want to look your absolute best!

The Universal Contour Wrap is a totally natural, effective and safe way to achieve excellent and lasting inch loss, detoxify the body, cleanse the skin and leave you feeling totally rejuvenated with wonderful smooth and silky skin. Bandages that have been soaking in a warm solution containing only natural minerals and sea are used to clad and reshape the body, lifting flabby buttocks, flattening the abdomen and generally contouring the figure.

How does the Universal Contour Wrap Work?

Once the bandages that have soaked in the sea clay solution are applied to the body, the effect is that of a giant poultice. The treatment works by drawing out toxins from the fluid around the fat cells, whilst the bandaging technique works to compress and compact the soft fatty tissue, creating a smoother base over which the soft tissue lies. Not only can you expect excellent lasting inch loss, but also a superb treatment that cleanses, detoxifies and tightens the skin. It is important to note that our process is not dehydrating one, you will not put back on the ‘lost inches’ through drinking a glass of water. In fact, we can assure you of the reverse, we actually encourage you to drink plenty of water after the treatment to cleanse and flush your system through, and this can help to achieve further inch loss and tightening of the skin over the following few days.

We all want to drop inches quick and easily at times and this is where the Universal Contour Wrap is here for you! We guarantee you will lose inches with this wrap and as it works on removing toxins it is also a great cellulite treatment!

More info…

Your therapist will guide you into a warm treatment room where she will talk to you about your reasons for choosing the treatment and where your main areas of concerns are. Your therapist will explain the treatment to you and ensure you are happy before we begin. She will begin by measuring you and she will mark the points from where she has taken the measurement.

The reason we do this is so we can go back to the same point after your treatment to re-measure you with the sole purpose of being able to tell you your inch loss at the end of the treatment. We all love to know how many inches we have lost without breaking a sweat! Your therapist will then begin wrapping. We use bandages that have been soaked in the Universal Contour Wrap mud solution and once all the bandages have been applied, you will step into a suit that helps keep the bandages in place while you relax for an hour while the wrap works its magic!

Once you have been in the wrap for an hour, your therapist will help you up and remove all bandages before re-measuring you. Your therapist will then guide you back to the relaxation area for you to relax while she works out your inch loss before joining you there to discuss your inch loss and your aftercare.

This is the only inch loss wrap that guarantees you will lose at least 6 inches from your first wrap making it the perfect answer for any of us who want to feel a little more confident before a special event or occasion or for those wanting a great kick start for any detox or diet plan!